ACS- University of Hawaii at Manoa

The ACS University of Hawaii Manoa began in 2013 thanks to Brijonnay Madrigal's incredible leadership. Since its beginning, this group has been active at full speed. This ACS-UH Manoa has taken full advantage of their rich surrounding to promote cetacean conservation. Activities include beach clean-ups, campaigns to prevent dumping into city storm drains, participating in local citizen science research, attending local elementary school classrooms to give ocean conservation presentations, film screenings, guest speakers, and much more! They have partnered with organizations like One Ocean Diving to educate their community and members about shark conservation and have had guest speakers like Ocean Ramsey or the Keiko Foundation. 

ACSSC-UH Mānoa members during Ocean Count 2014
ACS UH Manoa members participate in the yearly Ocean Count held through the NOAA Hawaiian Island Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary. This involves contributing to annual shore-based monitoring census by counting humpback whales that migrate to Hawaii from January-March. Their members learn about humpback whale behavior, contribute to ongoing data collection, and promote awareness about humpback whales to ensure their health in the future.

ACS UH Manoa members have also held student panel forums by inviting graduate students form the UH Manoa Marine Mammal Research Program to share their career advice. Students have also had unique opportunities such as attending a dolphin necropsy! The group is active in their community!



Opal Stanfield

Victoria Davies

 Haley Chasin


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