The American Cetacean Society’s dual approach of rigorous scientific inquiry combined with community outreach sets it apart from other organizations.  Since 1967, ACS has been firmly placed at the nexus of science, public policy, and the lay community, in a unique position to provide reliable, accurate counsel to public, private, and civic-sector leaders.  We rely on our independence, our commitment to the latest research developments, and our skills in building consensus to establish effective partnerships, reduce conflict among opposing stakeholders, and produce credible policies based on a foundation of sound science.

Throughout its history, ACS has been staunchly committed to helping young scientists and conservation practitioners worldwide whose passion for cetaceans surpasses their ability to fund innovative research.  Working with a world-class Scientific Advisory Council that includes some of the world’s most respected researchers in the fields of marine mammalogy, bioacoustics, and marine ecology, ACS solicits and funds research proposals that creatively and pragmatically address some of the most pressing issues facing cetaceans.